• What is your strength in the field ?
    What is the number of your personnel employed
    for increasing the sales ?
    How frequently do you get information ?
    Can you monitor the movements in the market ?
    Can you monitor your sale data ?
    What do your competitors do ?
    How do you decide what to do tomorrow ?
  • Monitor
  • Are your plans in conformity
    with the field?
  • Communicate


With Monitoring Retail, all the data collected by the site team may be analyzed and turned into a report.

Are your plans in conformity
with the field?

Do the decisions you take receive correct outcomes at the site?
How long does it take you to see the results?
What if something goes wrong?


Let the messages you will send from the system to the site are sent to the phones of the site staff as MRMS. See the answers from the system screens as a document.